The Transparent Organization

We dedicate ourselves to developing the organizational culture, procedures and digital platforms allowing you to easily, transparently and ethically manage your activities and engage your audience, partners and employees. Tailor-made for your needs, we are passionate about uniting you with your stakeholders to make a positive social impact on this world.

Why transparency is important for your organization

Transparency and ethics are at the forefront of an ongoing revolution: people want to be part of something they can cheer for. Being open with your audience, partners and employees enables just that; it provides everybody the opportunity to be involved in the process of creation, with trust and integrity at the center of it all. Instead of traditional marketing and PR, the simple act of being honest and inclusive harnesses the enthusiasm of everyone involved to do things that would otherwise be impossible.


Sharing all things important happening and how they connect, in a clear and accessible way, enables accountability and empowers everybody to understand why things happen.


Allowing people to participate in various parts of your operations and decision making processes, allows you to win hearts and passion by genuineness, with people spreading the word and helping where possible as a natural consequence.


With people's trust being increasingly hard to win, being transparent allows you to gain a significant competitive advantage by making your actions accountable to your audience.

How we help you to become transparent

We recognize each organization and initiative as unique, having particular opportunities to create social value interacting in different ways, thus requiring special attention and deliberate, well-informed decisions. That being said, we assist you with in following main areas:

Integrated accounting

Accountability as an enabler of communication, showing who is involved with what, and the results of their actions. Providing an integrated insight into the flow of finances, resources and actions to create trust, commumity and engagement.

Collaborative decisions

Creating opportunities to resolve problems, and find possibilities to create better experiences, do more good, and improve operations, together in organized ways yet allowing individual expression to flourish into collective good putting people back in control over the consequences of their actions on society.

Quantifiable impact

Making sure before taking decisions, and verifying afterwards that your actions indeed bring a social positive impact for all involved directly or indirectly, showing everyone with concrete data how you together are creating a better world.

Who we prefer to work with

Socially responsible companies

Companies who dedicate a (substantial) part of their revenues to projects having a positive positive impact on society, by (social) innovation, donations, research or other ways.

NGOs & non-profit organizations

Having a clear promise and purpose to fulfill being the sole reason of their existence and revenue stream, these organizations need to be accountable and trustworthy. Therefore, we help them in every possible way.

Crowdfunding initiatives

We love crowdfunding, and want to support great initiatives by helping them guarantee their backers that they'll be listened too, show them where their money goes, and involve them not only by funding, but giving them an active role in the whole creation process of your project.

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